it’s my pleasure to welcome you to ASET, an institution under Aryan educational trust, has set itself a vision Leadership in quality technical education, with a focous in sustainable and inclusive technology ,our institution founded in 2017, has as committed to provide professional education with trust or creativity and innovation, the motivating environment in ASET for knowledge assimilation, generation and dissemination with a sense of social responsibility ,human values and concern for social commitment has carried a niche for itself among the best technical institution.
           The special emphasis in an experimental learning ,the academic activities concentrate  on helping the students to gain an excellent theoretical knowledge base and in the development of skills to implement them ,we are constantly  reviewing our setup to update and improve while making sure that students gain their skills ,an entrepreneurial skills ,interpersonal & communication skills.

ASET has established a strong industry links where our students excels their talent within their studying period,

There is also an  ample scopes in co-curricular and extra curricular activities at ASET where in the students are encouraged to show their talents ,ASET ensures that the students prove themselves to be not only well qualified engineer but also very responsible and ideal citizens of our country,

                                                                                                        Prof. kamalakant Dash

                                                                                Aryan school of engineering & Technology Bhubaneswar